This article contains script and gold guide of third mission in the game. This mission is given by Claude to Jim.


Claude is still saying he'll help you go to Wintown, but he wants you to do one last job for him: Bringing the wall back.


1. Get a van.

2. Go to the specified place.

3. Pick up the three guys.

Main Objective: Drive back to Claude's Junkyard.


Claude: Drive straight up to Carwin Bridge and go to Wintown. I have a house there. This is its key. You're welcome to use it.

Jim: Wow! Thank you man! I can't believe this!

Claude: Here's some money, also. You'll need it to live in Wintown, probably!

Jim: Thanks, Thanks, Thanks Man!



Radar will be available from now

Wintown Safehouse

100% Completion GuideEdit

To get gold medal in this mission, make sure the car isn't damaged when you bring it back to Claude.


- After this mission, you're able to go to Wintown.

- First time you try to go Wintown after doing this mission, the side mission "Keep Calm and Help Me" starts.