This page contains the script and walkthrough of first storyline mission in Grand Theft Auto: Ultimate, which is unnamed.


Cutscene: [It's night. A helicopter passes by the sky of liberty city. Many cops are trying to shoot it from the top of skyscrapers and police helicopters are following it as fast as possible] Protagonist: You'll never reach me. [The scene fades out]

Cutscene #2: [The Heli is still going its way in the sky. An alert sound can be heard] Protagonist: Ooh sh*t. Going out of fuel... [Heli's engine's sound stops and it starts falling] Protagonist: Oh no! Hellooooooooooo Wintoooooooowwwwn! [Heli lands on a clump of trash. The protag jumps out of the heli's broken window and runs fast. Little after that, heli explodes with an awful sound.] [Camera shows where you are. A junkyard with all doors closed.]

Objectives: 1. Look around the junkyard for a Rocket Launcher. 2. Shoot a rocket to the wall. 3. Get into the Trashmaster car and escape from Junkyard.

Cutscene #3: A man in his car shouts: WHO ARE YOU?! STOP! [The car drifts in front of your trashmaster and you stop. A man comes out of the car] The man: Why did you ruin my place, tough guy? Who are you? Protag: Wasn't it a ruined place, already? I don't even know if I'm in right place or not. The man: Carcer city is never the right place! Protag: Oh no... Do you know how to go Wintown? The man: I'll help you, trust me! But... why don't you tell me your name? Protag: Call me Jim. I'm Jimmy Brad. The Man: OK, Jum! Take some rest, and... I'm Claude, don't ask for more, just call me Claude. Jim: OK, Claude.

Main Objective: Go to the little room at the west side of Junkyard and save your progress.


It's a very easy mission which has a very long un-skippable cutscene. When the heli falls on the trash, press RETURN to get out of it and then run very fast ( UP + SPRINT ). Otherwise you'll die and fail.

When you got out of heli without getting dead, head to the south clump of trash in junkyard, where you can find the Rocket Launcher. Come left a little and shoot the wall.

Then get on the TrashMaster vehicle and get out of the junkyard.

After you had to stop by Claude's car, go back to the Junkyard and save your progress.