This is a Side Mission of GTA:Ultimate, given by an unknown person to Jim. It appears just once, when you try to go to Wintown from Carcer City for first time.


An unknown car drifts in front of your car and a guy gets out of it.

He says: Hey, man... Please... Please...!

Jim: Hey, hey... Calm down, man. What do you want to say?

Man: I've heard of you from my friend, Claude. I need some help. Have you ever heard of Dexter Studies' 


Jim: No, and I don't need to hear of it! Now go away!

Man: You SHOULD now about it! They say "We'll make you powerful" in their ads, but they make people 

mad and finally kill them.

Jim: OK, will you let me go now?

Man: See... Listen... They've thieved my brother, would you help me?


A)  Go to Dexter Studies at Carcer City.

B) Leave that man and go to Wintown.

If you decide as A:

Go to Dexter studies and kill the guardians. Go into there and kill those scientists, then escape there with unknown survival. Then drive to his house.

If you Decide as B:

The man kneels. Jim gets in his car and continues his way. Camera zooms out and the text comes in: Greetings from Wintown!

100% Completion GuideEdit

To complete this mission 100% and get the gold medal, you should Kill Everybody in Dexter Studies building and get the survival home in less than 2 minutes.


- This mission appears just once, after you complete the mission "Bring the wall back" and try to go to Wintown and never becomes available again.

- You should complete this mission if you want to complete the game 100%, like any other side mission.

- Dexter Studies was also featured in Manhunt 2, another game by Rockstar Games, but had a different building. Also, the Manhunt 2's location was unnamed, unlike Manhunt 1 which took place in Carcer City.