Here comes the script and guide of second storyline mission in the game.

This mission is given by Claude to Jim.



Jim: Thanks for the place, I really needed some rest.

Claude: I know it.

Jim: May you tell me what's the way to Wintown?

Claude: I will. Before that, you should help me sort this mess out.

Jim: Which mess?

Claude (points to the broken wall of Junkyard): That mess!

Jim: Come On! This junkyard is all mess!

Claude (Shows his gun to you): May you shut up and do what I told you to?


1. Get in the truck.

2. Drive to Tim's Stones.

Main Objective: Drive back to the Junkyard.

Gold Completion GuideEdit

To get the gold completion medal in this mission, be careful to carry All Stones to Claude's place and keep the truck Undamaged.